Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners, offering a natural therapy, which is growing increasingly popular for helping to treat existing pain and as a preventative practice. It is a non-invasive, physical therapy that uses soft tissue manipulation, massaging, stretching and joint mobilisation to prevent and treat functional issues in the body. This therapy aims to address the underlying causes of muscular, joint and nerve pain by relieving tension and stiffness physically, with the majority of patients feeling results after only 1 session. Evidence from clinical trials suggest osteopathy is effective for treating many common conditions, including lower limb pain, headaches and joint pain, with patients able to experience a better quality of life following just a few sessions. Osteopathy restores the body back to full heath so you can get back to work, enjoy free time with friends and family and return to leisure activities, all free from chronic pain. With the results of this highly recommended therapy, you will be able to get back to what matters most without the constant worries that come with pain.

Every session is individualised to where you require relief, so Jackie can specifically target your areas of pain. With 27 years of experience as an Osteopath and General Osteopathic Council registration, you can be assured of the outstanding quality treatment you will receive. Whether your muscle, joint or nerve pain is work-related or due to a sports injury, osteopathy relieves pain for a wide variety of plaguing health issues, without the use of medication or surgery.

Osteopathy is also offered combined with shockwave therapy, or as the Gold Standard package, which includes 3 combined shockwave therapy and osteopathy sessions, then followed by a further 3 shockwave therapy sessions.

For more information about Osteopathy: osteopathdy5.uk


Happy Customers & Clients

  • Recommend to anyone suffering with back pain!! Has sorted me out now on two separate occasions!

    Laurie B
  • I have visited jackie four times now wish I had gone a long time ago. My pain has been reduced to all most

    Andrew Bourne
  • Very professional I’ve used Jackie a few times now with back pain and she always does her best by me

    Chunk Guest
  • I’ve been a patient of Jackie for a number of years and can highly recommend her. She is always professional and friendly, listens

    Julia Wadeley